PAK Partners with Canon

for practical Learning

Canon Central & North Africa, in partnership with P.A.K. have planned a series of practical learning sessions running till December 2019. The workshops will be led by experienced professionals, giving attendees ample time to try, test and use the amazing Canon EOS-R system.

Loan programme: Bona fide PAK members can also get a chance to benefit from an exclusive camera loan programme in partnership with Canon C & A. Interested members will have the camera and get to use it for a maximum of 3 days and hand it back to the PAK office. if you are a bona fide PAK member and would like to get the EOSR System, get in touch with the office.

Share your Pictures: All participants get to shoot with EOS-R System and share their images to for sharing on social media and stand a chance to win Canon's special rewards.

Canon Special Rewards: If your photo get selected (shot with the Canon EOS-R System) you can be one of the lucky winners of Canon’s Special Rewards to be announced in January 2020.

BLOG: P.A.K. and Canon sign MOU on practical learning with EOS R system

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