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P.A.K. and Canon Partner on the New EOS-R System

We have had a great milestone as the Photographer’s Association of Kenya (P.A.K.) especially after our committee got the esteemed chance to meet Mr. Amine Djouahra, the Sales and Marketing Director of Canon Central and North Africa. The goal of the meeting was to sign a partnership agreement where P.A.K. will get ten Canon EOS R systems so that members can use them in a series of workshops from September all the way to December this year.

P.A.K. Vice Chair Mr. James Gikonyo and Mr. Amine Djouahra, the Sales and Marketing Director of Canon Central and North Africa

P.A.K. representatives, partners and Canon officials at the MOU signing in September in Nairobi.

This was to pave way for a regional competition where four African countries including Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt and Kenya would have two photographers each compete for a grand prize of an EOS R kit amidst a Photowalk.

The partnership further allows members of P.A.K. within the said period to be able to access Canon EOS R systems and do personal projects with the new RF lenses while still getting a chance to use their EF lenses through the lens adapters that come with the kits. Canon is a big champion of having consumers to be able to interact with new products that they have in the market. The Canon EOS R system is their latest advancement in the Mirrorless technology.

Photographers at the Nairobi Railway Museum during the natural light session with the EOS R system.

In every workshop organised by P.A.K., photographers present get a chance to use the EOS R system hands-on.

In this series of workshops, the first session was hosted by Armstrong Too-facilitating a workshop on creative lighting.

Armstrong too with amodel and an assistant during the first EOS R workshop on creative lighting.

P.A.K. will further get a chance to organize ten workshops across a diversification of genres including but not limited to portraiture, fashion, macro, landscape and wildlife photography among others. Some of the workshops have already taken place, and there are other planned for the remaining weeks of 2019.

This will have professional and semi-pro photographers work with Canon ambassadors to share their tips and experiences while attendees get to use the cameras. As well, Canon through P.A.K. will be able to identify social media influencers with a good number of followers to be able to create a campaign through the new EOS R system. This will make sure that Canon gets as much feedback about the camera body and the four lenses launched with it.

Pictures captured by photographers using the EOS R will be featured on Canon Central and North Africa social media pages hence creating brand visibility for them. This is a double edged sword when it comes to improving the industry.

More information on how to participate in the competition can be found on the PAK pages including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as the various CanonCNA pages. We are proud of this one of a kind partnership and we look forward to many more.

[Written by James Gikonyo.]

The fourth workshop was led by Steve Maithya (Stevenchy) - a session on fashion and models.

One of the many shots from the fashion and models session. (Picture by Chris Evans).

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