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Collective Bargaining:

We aspire to collectively negotiate avenues for our members on insurance, equipment, gear and supplies, exhibition and workshop venues. Also, more importantly we are looking to seek partnerships with organisations in communication and branding sector, as well as lobby government to have favourable policies in place for photographers.


Capacity Building

PAK hosts regular training forums and masterclasses for members. In addition we have regular competitions and challenges to grow skill in our community. For upcoming photographers, mentorship programmes have been established to help you learn.


Community Impact/CSR

We want to impact the society with photography related projects such as holding free photography training for the disadvantaged young people in slums or low income areas; hold portrait projects around the country and raise auctions where proceeds will go towards a created foundation by the organisation.

Industry Linkages and Partnership

We prospect to coordinate and participate in major exhibitions and organise themed exhibitions as an association. We will establish a calender of creative events and have P.A.K represented in the events at all times.

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