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Being a member in a professional association has countless benefits for any career. P.A.K. guarantees an ever-growing list of gains for members across all categories, capitalizing on strength in unity and numbers. Below is a list of the most conspicuous benefits:

  1. Forums/Training: We organize events where members get to learn experienced photographers and other professionals as well as interactive discussions of topics directly related to our work. P.A.K. members attend most of the forums for free and others at a discounted fee.

  2. Discounts: At any one time, P.A.K. members have discounts from various suppliers that the association partners with.

  3. A sense of belonging and community: There is nothing that can beat being in a group with like-minded people! In P.A.K. you find family, support, sharing of information freely, mentorship and people you can walk with.

  4. Insurance at a discounted rate: P.A.K has a partnership with for insuring our gear and other items. For more on the rates and a quote, please drop us an email at

  5. Photo Competitions/Challenges: The association carries out competitions, the biggest being Kenya Photo Awards- an opportunity for members to win amazing prizes and awards for excelling in their work. We also run the monthly challenge based on specific themes at a smaller scale.

  6. Discussion, learning and sharing: As a P.A.K. member, you get to other photographers and enthusiasts-creating a rich wealth of knowledge around you so that you get to learn from others

  7. Mentorship: P.A.K. recently launched Hi-ISO, a member-driven mentorship programme that assists younger and amateur photographers link up with older and experienced pros so that they can get guidance, advice and lessons on photography and related issues.

  8. SACCO/Investment: Through a agreement with Stima Sacco, P.A.K. members can now join the Sacco so that they can get to access credit and other facilities for various uses. Contact our office for details.

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