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1. PAK Community Membership

The PAK community is an open space that nurtures and encourages creativity, growth and friendships. We do this through encouraging interactions between our members regardless of level of experience.  

Members will have access to:

  • PAK events i.e. Workshops, Instameets, Tukule mbuzi etc

  • Social media platforms i.e. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and twitter


How to join:

Interested individuals will be required to sign up through PAK website Online application.


Joining Fee: FREE

General mandatory information required but not limited to

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • ID number

Optional Information required

  • why are you interested

  • profile about you and photography



  • A sense of belonging and community:

Nothing beats being in a group with like-minded people! In P.A.K. you will find family, support, sharing of information freely, mentorship and people you can walk with.

  • Forums/Training:

We organize events where members get to learn from experienced photographers and other professionals as well as interactive discussions of topics directly related to our work. P.A.K. members attend most of the forums for free and others at a discounted fee.

  • Photo Competitions/Challenges: 

The association carries out a number of competitions, the biggest being Kenya Photo Awards. This is an opportunity for members to win amazing prizes and awards for excelling in their work. We also run the monthly challenge based on specific themes at a smaller scale.

  • Discussion, learning and sharing: 

As a P.A.K. member, you get to other photographers and enthusiasts-creating a rich wealth of knowledge around you so that you get to learn from others

  • Mentorship: 

P.A.K. recently launched Hi-ISO, a member-driven mentorship programme that assists younger and amateur photographers link up with older and experienced pros so that they can get guidance, advice and lessons on photography and related issues.

2. PAK Advanced Membership

This is an advanced level of community membership recommended for professional photographers. Members will enjoy all the community member benefits plus the ones listed below.


How to Join:

Interested individuals will be required to send mandatory information listed below to 


Joining Fee:                              Ksh1,000.00 (non-refundable)

Annual Subscription:                 Ksh3,000.00


General mandatory information required but not limited to

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • Copy of ID/Passport

  • Passport photo (soft copy)

  • Certificate of good conduct

  • Photography portfolio

  • Why you are interested in joining (Optional)



  • As a PAK advanced member, you enjoy all the benefits under our PAK community membership.

  • PAK membership card

  • Access to PAK recommendation letter

  • Discounts: 

At any one time, P.A.K. members have discounts from various suppliers that the association partners with.

  • Insurance at a discounted rate:

P.A.K has a partnership with insurance firms for insuring gear and other items. For more on the rates and a quote, please drop us an email at

  • ​Members will have priority to any jobs that come through the association.

  • Access to PAK trainings/workshops for free or discounted rates.



N/B: All applicants will be vetted before joining.

Don't pay before getting go ahead from PAK after submitting all requirements.

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