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Kenya Photography Awards:

The Kenya Photography Awards is an annual event organized to recognize skill, talent and hard work among professional and rising photographers in Kenya. Contestants submit their work in different categories, selected to cover diverse areas of interest and professions.


Kenya Photo Week

August 19th is World Photography Day. During the week, we have a full week of activities including photo exhibitions, workshops, practical sessions, market activations by vendors, a family fun day and a CSR activity


Portfolio Reviews

PAK regularly hosts portfolio review sessions mostly on specific genres at different venues around Nairobi.



PAK hosts at least 2 workshops every month. Some workshops are on technical know-how on photography, while others are on the business of photography, branding and such other topics.


Every quarter we hold a social meet-up so that members can meet and have fun, interact over nyama choma and a drink. Vegetarians are welcome too!

Photography Safaris

Photographers who love shooting wildlife, scenery/landscapes sometimes jump into a van and hit the road.Be on the look out for trips to lovely destinations where your cameras never get disappointed.


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